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We help Electronics and Embedded Systems businesses find the best talent for all roles throughout the product life cycle.

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The Electronics and Embedded Systems sector is complex, with a wide variety of skills and expertise required along the product journey.

We have been immersed in these challenges for a long time and so we are well prepared to help support the businesses we partner with to find the right talent.

Clients always receive a dedicated and fast response from a professional team, committed to providing the resource that your company requires.

And as we understand the technical requirements of the industry and the differences between particular skill sets, we can supply exceptional talent to the businesses we work with that fulfil the specific needs you request.

We offer an efficient, enjoyable and informative recruitment process for everyone involved, always searching for the win-win situation for all parties. As a client, you’ll receive tailored, expert advice from people who understand the technical requirements of the industry and the intricacies of the different skills and roles required in the Embedded Systems and Electronics industry.

And on top of this, you get a company you can trust who invariably become the default agency for clients we work with once we start a relationship. With a combination of an efficient, enjoyable and informative recruitment process and expert advice tailored to you, you can be sure of a successful outcome whenever you work with us.

We recruit people who have the skills for any Business who have an R&D, Embedded, Software, Hardware Division. from concept to manufacture.

Whether it’s developing a device, connecting to the cloud, or streaming raw data, we have it covered.

Typical roles include: Computer Vision Scientists, Embedded/Firmware Engineers, Software Engineers, Electronic/Hardware Engineers and Management.

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What They’re Saying

Nick is one of the most outstanding result-oriented recruiter - a rare gem with supreme recruitment & fine talent sourcing expertise. He was very helpful, provided useful assistance and prompt feedback at all levels of my recruitement journey. From offering right skill set role for me to managing the interview process, he was meticulous, methodical, and fully committed. Found him to extremely passionate, competent, persistent & diligent with tonnes of energy, ears-to-the-ground & fabulous positive attitude which makes him the best in the business In my observation, he goes above and beyond to engage candidates and deals transparently with both parties. I'd say we need more recruiters like him.

Nick is amazingly good at what he does. The new position he proposed matched my skills and experience very well. He knew all the details and was able to answer any questions about both the role and the company straight away. Very good communication skills, instant replies, great flexibility when it comes to arranging calls and interviews. Nick guided and supported me throughout the whole recruitment process making sure everything is clear and that I'm happy with the conditions. He arranged additional calls with no hesitation when I had some doubts. And above all, he's a very friendly and honest person, I really enjoyed working with him. Nick is the most professional recruiter I have ever worked with, I highly recommend him. Thank you, Nick, for finding a new exciting opportunity for me!

Working with Nick was a pleasure. From the first discussion of the role description, all the way through to my first day starting at my new role. He took the time early in the process to fully understand my relevant experience, and only put me forward for the role once he believed it was a good fit. Nick's consistent and clear communication allowed me to fully focus on presenting my experience and skills to my potential employer. There was never a time that I was in doubt on the status or next steps concerning my candidacy. I recommend him highly to anyone who has the opportunity to work with him.

Extremely professional and handles anything and everything that needed to be done. Very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend Nick to anyone who is looking for a new role or to build a team

Nick continuous to show great success supporting XYZ Reality. In a year of substantial business growth, it’s more important than ever that we have strong and trustworthy recruitment partnerships in place and Nick has demonstrated the value of having such a relationship. Diligent, meticulous, and thorough with his searches, Nick takes time to understand the brief and reacts promptly to ensuring the right candidates are put forward. Above all, Nick never takes his foot off the gas and has been a great ambassador for our company. Looking forward to continuing to work with him on future technology roles.

My experience when working with Nick was that he was a highly skilled professional in Recruitment. He was consistent from the first engagement, where he was quick to respond to my initial query, through to finalising the contract and beyond. He was supportive, friendly and yet professional throughout our interactions. He was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend!

Nick is a professional and was completely realistic and upfront in our engagement, effectively managing the process all the way to the final stages of negotiations. A real pleasure to work with and highly recommended.

Nick is a seasoned professional in technology recruitment. He is very knowledgeable and experienced in matching talents to the right roles and ensures that talents are a good fit in terms of the culture and values of the recruiting organization. I am thrilled to have worked with Nick in securing a Technical Project Management Role with one of the best companies in the UK.

Nick was an absolute professional when representing me for a highly significant role. He kept me up to date in all stages of my application also when there was a significant delay in the process. He ensured I had detailed knowledge about the role and the application process to ensure I was always making the best decision for myself all the way through. I would happily recommend his services to anyone else.

Nick is wonderful to work with. He is intelligent, to the point and very effective in what he does. He was quick in understanding what I was looking for in my next role. In general I felt, Nick has good technical roles in Embedded System Software market overall. What impressed me was his effective communication in clearing my confusion with multiple offers. I highly recommend Nick.

Excellent Recruitment Consultant. Very driven, and always strives for the best outcome for company and clients. Excellent placement, and follows up on clients after placing them, very much recommended.

Nick Bray changed my opinion of recruiters and the process of recruitment in general from day one. Past experience made me disengaged, skeptical and at times disillusioned with the recruitment industry - Nick turned that on its head in a heartbeat. He is polite, reactive, enthusiastic and above all refreshingly honest. Recruiting for my industry is hard, on both sides. Pairing introvert engineers with fast moving extrovert companies is no mean feat - and yet our voice screen felt like I’d known him for years. He took pride in understanding my industry, what we can do and what we care about, therefore judging our “fit” in an honest but respectful way. As process evolved for me, Nick championed me at every step. He planned for every eventuality and had the foresight to change strategy to give me the best chance of offer. Three weeks later, here I am, Director of Hardware for an incredible company. I am excited for my new journey. In most cases, our recruiter relationship would end there. However, with Nick, it didn’t. He was there on the other side of the offer and knew where the real pain would be - a pain of letting go. Letting go of what you knew most and starting something new and unknown. I was blown away by the little touches that made the transition easier, resignation templates and quick chats to find out how I was feeling, something that I didn’t really appreciate until I got the offer. His understanding of the hole that would be left with me leaving my old position, or what would be offered to make me stay, even the sound board I needed to build my confidence in my decision - it was everything I needed to make the right choice. I don’t want to say how brilliant Nick was, I just want to say Thank You, because gratitude means so much than praise. Thank you Nick. Dominic

Nick is a very helpful and knowledgeable person. He has an excellent understanding of both job seekers and recruiters. He strives to find the best fit both for the candidate and the recruiter. I want to thank Nick so much for helping me with my job search. Nick provided everything I needed not only to prepare for interviews but also helped me with finding options for relocation and provided support and encouragement, going well beyond his responsibilities. He listened to my requirements very carefully and most importantly, he made sure I made the right decision for my career. I highly recommend Nick to anyone who is looking for their dream job and for any recruiter who wants to hire the a calibre candidate!

Nick takes the time to investigate and understand the company, and therefore recommends only candidates that fit both the technical and the cultural requirements. Truly a pleasure to work with him.